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11 Apr 2008

Count Nosferatu Kommando - L'Hymne ŕ la Joie (2007)

Industrial Black Metal (early), Electronic Metal (now)
Lyrical theme(s): War, Death, Terrorism
Origin: France
Current line-up:
Heinrich Von Baalberith (Jean-SĂŠbastien Ogilvy) - Guitars, Programming, Backing Vocals
Mr Valnoir (Jean-Emmanuel Artfield-Lautrec) - Bass, Backing Vocals ( SECT Metastazis, Irwin, Nova Sodomia, Pogrom (Fra))
Mr Sylvicious (Sylvain Deslaves) - Drums, Percussion (Punish Yourself, Tamtrum, Lucky Striker 2001)
Hreidmarr (Nicolas St Morand) - Lead & Backing Vocals, Lyrics (ex-Anorexia Nervosa, ex-Malveliance, ex-My Darkest Dream)
1. L'Hymne ŕ la Joie 01:28
2. Cosa Nostra Klub 04:40
3. The Martialist 04:16
4. Total Eclipse of Dead Europa 04:12
5. Vote for Winners 04:15
6. Die Holzhammermethode 07:05
7. Dinner is Ready 04:35
8. The Doomsday 04:31
9. Inexorable Parade 05:41
Total playing time 44:35


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Anonymous said...

I'm CNK manager and publisher.
By uploading this album, which is the EXCLUSIVE property of the label Season Of Mist, under license from Angelic Music, you are violating the copyrights laws.
I'm forwarding this link (and the rapidshare one) to Season of Mist, and to French SACEM, in order to fix the problem.