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16 Feb 2009

Empyrean Plague - Ancestral Embers Shall Burn (2009)

Genre(s): Viking Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Nature, Folklore, Turmoil
Origin: Canada
Label: Archaic North Entertainment
Current line-up:
Turmoil (Mike Burge) - Guitar and Vocals (Old Shores)
Unborn (Dave Strba) - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Treachery (Tyler Chartrand) - Drums
Keltisch (Kyle Tayler) - Bass and Backing Vocals
1. Sheathed In Hate
2. Our Horizon Calls
3. Cursed By An Endless Winter
4. Ancestral Embers Shall Burn
5. United (We Stand)
6. To Bestowe The Power
7. We Are The North
Total playing time 48:23


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