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28 Sep 2009

Nordavind - Bekning (2009)

Genre(s): Viking/Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Norse Mythology
Origin: Norway
Current line-up:
Bjarne (aka Gravkald) - Drums
Arve - Guitar
Håvard (aka Grimne) - Bass
Irene - Hardanger Fiddle and Violin
Øystein (aka Gera) - Vocals
1. Intro 01:26
2. Bekning 06:14
3. Utgard 06:52
4. Storherad 04:25
5. Fram ved vegens ende 05:09
6. Voktar 03:24
7. I hans æra sal 05:06
8. Mjøddrikkarviso 01:37
Total playing time 34:16


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is Geir aka Graavandrer from the former band Nordavind

I send my request to you that all content about Nordavind on your site would be deleted from internet.
At least delete all that refers to me, in any text or picture.
To proove my statement you can see that I have already deleted Nordavinds Myspace profile.
This band does not exist

Thank you