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2 Apr 2011

Demonaz - March of the Norse (2011)

Genre(s): Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): North, battles, mountains, legends
Origin: Norway
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Releas date: 1.4.2011
Current line-up:
Demonaz Doom Occulta (Harald Nævdal) - Vocals (Immortal (Nor), Old Funeral, Amputation (Nor))
Abbath Doom Occulta (Olve Eikemo) - Vocals, Bass (Immortal (Nor), I, Det Hedenske Folk, Amputation (Nor), Old Funeral, Satanel (Nor))
Ice Dale (Arve Isdal) - Guitars (I, Ov Hell, Trinacria, Malignant Eternal, Enslaved (Nor), Audrey Horne, Bourbon Flame)
Armagedda - Drums (Immortal (Nor), I, Amputation (Nor))
1.Northern Hymn 00:50
2. All Blackened Sky 04:27
3. March of the Norse 03:41
4. A Son of the Sword 04:35
5. Where Gods Once Rode 05:11
6. Under the Great Fires 06:34
7. Over the Mountains 05:07
8. Ode to Battle 00:39
9. Legends of Fire and Ice 04:24
Total playing time 35:28


Daša V. said...

I love it! Every track and all:P
Wish it wasn't so short

Anonymous said...

Un album black pagam metal, risente inevitabilmente del sound degli immortal. Costruzioni semplici e dirette, in conclusione abbastanza apprezzabile secondo me.
Di: inquietudinedikobal

Anonymous said...

I'll take a sledge hammer on their heads to sink their skulls