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16 Aug 2011

The Borgias (Trevor Morris - OST 2011)

Title: The Borgias
Trevor Morris

Track List:
1. The Borgias Main Titles
2. Rome 1492
3. Cesare And Lucrezia’s Theme
4. Hallway Vampires
5. Wing Of A Messenger Dove
6. Confessional
7. I Am Alexander Sixtus
8. Arrival At Orsini’s Palace
9. Following A Monkey
10. Giulia Farnese
11. Della Rovere Plots
12. Rovere Finds A Body In His Bed
13. Trust Has Already Been Earned
14. Micheletto Stalks Rovere
15. Sulphur Bath Assassination
16. Micheletto And Juan Both Murder
17. Giancarlo To Spy On Rovere
18. Giulia Teaches Lucrezia To Kiss
19. You Are A Borgia Spy
20. Lucrezia Arrives At New Home
21. Sforza Rapes Lucrezia
22. Alexander’s Nightmare
23. Cesare Angry With Micheletto
24. Poisoned Pheasant
25. Cesare Fights The Baron
26. Lucrezia Tends The Wound
27. Lucrezia And Paulo Kiss
28. Cesare And Ursula Make Love
29. Juan And Sancia Have Sex
30. Attack Of Lucca
31. The King Is Dead
32. Sforza Whips Paulo
33. France And Rome Meet On The Battlefield
34. Canons Of War
35. Vanozza Flees Vatican City
36. French Army Enters Rome
37. Lucrezia To The Nunnery
38. Lineage Of The Family



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