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24 Mar 2008

Skitliv - Kristiansen and Kvarforth Swim in the Sea of Equilibrium While Waiting (Demo 2007)

Black/Doom Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Religions
Origin: Norway
Current line-up:
Maniac - Vocals, Guitars (ex-Mayhem (Nor), Amicus, Bomberos (Nor), Septic Cunts, Voluspa, Wurdulak, Eibon)
Kvarforth - Guitars (Diabolicum, Funeral Dirge (Swe), ex-Ondskapt, Den Saakaldte, Shining (Swe), Bethlehem (Ger))
Ingvar - Guitars
Spacebrain - Bass
Wedebrand - Drums (ex-Forgotten Tomb, ex-Shining (Swe))
1. Who will deliver us from Gold & Planets 02:26
2. Slow Pain Coming 06:52
3. A Valley Below 08:55
Total playing time 18:15



The said...

buscando este album por semandas gracias man !!!

Anonymous said...

Fucking gays emo black, where go the BM scene now, for god sake!!!