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14 Oct 2011

Abbey ov Thelema - A Fragment ov the Great Work (2011)

Country of Origin: Slovakia
Genre: avantgarde black metal, atmospheric, experimental
Lyrical Themes: Philosophical
Current label: Sonic Temple Records
Release Date: 17th October 2011
Current lineup:
Delgrast - keyboard, vocals, programming
Vilozof - guitars, vocals, programming
The Left-Hand Path [1:57]
The One Who Walks the Left-Hand Path [5:06]
Unearthly Theophagia ov a Nonexistent Deity [8:33]
Black Absinth Drunk While Analyzing the Writings ov Nietzsche [6:42]
The Hidden Wisdom & Clandestine Legacy ov the Black Arts [4:52]
8th April 1904 - The Day ov Nuit [6:50]
9th April 1904 - The Day ov Hadit [5:17]
10th April 1904 - The Day ov Ra-Hoor-Khuit [4:56]
Total playing time: 44:13

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