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13 Jun 2008

Satyricon - My Skin is Cold [EP] (2008)

EP which comes as a 7 inch gatefold vinyl single including a 5 track CD. This will be the only physical version of the EP. Roadrunner will release it for the World excluding Norway where Indie Recording will release it. Limited to 400 copies.

Genre(s): Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Nature, Apocalypse, Anti-Christian
Origin: Norway
Current line-up:
Satyr (Sigurd Wongraven) - Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards (Storm, Thorns, Black Diamond Brigade, Eibon (US))
Frost (Kjetil Vidar Haraldstad) - Drums (1349, Zyklon-B (Nor), Keep of Kalessin, Gorgoroth, Gehenna (Nor))
Steinar "Azarak" Gundersen - Guitars (Spiral Architect, Lunaris, King's Quest)
Schoft - Guitars (Brutus (Hol), Saeculum, Wiri Smokkor)
Jonna Nikula - Keyboards
Victor Brandt - Bass (Dominion (Swe), Necrocide (Swe), Totalt Jävla Mörker)
1. My Skin is Cold 05:06
2. Live Through Me (Re-mastered) 05:12
3. Existential Fear-Questions (Re-mastered) 06:02
4. Repined Bastard Nation (Live w/orchestra) 05:48 [view lyrics]
5. Mother North (Live w/orchestra) 09:06 [view lyrics]
Total playing time 31:14

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